Mia and Me

The story begins when a 12-year-old girl named Mia goes to a prestigious boarding school in Florence, Italy as an exchange student. Her parents died recently in an accident. Her father was a successful game maker. Mia's aunt gives Mia a game that her father made before he died. The game is in the form of a large book called "The Legend of Centopia" (a book he read to her when she was younger) which is full of mystical rune writing that gives Mia the latest password (that has to be read backwards) that allows her to go to the magical world of Centopia.
Mina tankar om serien:
Jag trodde serien skulle vara fånig men den var överraskande bra och fylld av spännande äventyr. Hoppas verkligen det kommer flera avsnitt att se.
Har sett till och med S02E26