The Adventure Club

Parents need to know that The Adventure Club is a Canadian import about three kids who are smart and passionate about science. Because one mom runs the local science museum (Saskatchewan Science Centre), and her dad, a beloved, but deceased grandfather, was an archeologist, the young "club members" have access to a wonderful array of artifacts and research material, as well as the freedom to explore. Once they find an unusual key, they're off and running. Their enthusiasm, however, hasn't prepared them for the presence of a stop-at-nothing villain who may be after whatever it is the kids find, and has a malicious plan already underway. While there are a few tense moments and situations (i.e., a dark prologue in which two men struggle, bullies, and a climax in which a central grown-up player is held captive), there is no violence and no real scares. The leading character's unmarried mom is living with a new boyfriend, and (spoiler alert: he's a conspirator and villain, making the relationship with Mom repugnant, and with the boy dishonest and predatory).Okay for middle grades and tweens.
Filmkategori: Familjefilm
Språk: Engelska
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Ett härligt gäng ungdommar mitt i ett äventyr.