ALF's Special Christmas


ALF and the Tanners prepare to spend Christmas in a mountain cabin. When the owner, Mr. Foley, comes to visit them, ALF accidentally jumps into his trunk and is taken to a hospital. Disguised as a toy, ALF finds himself given away as a Christmas gift to a little girl.

ALF tries to escape from the hospital but ends up stuck in an elevator with a woman in labor. After helping the woman to give birth, ALF pretends to be a toy and Mr. Foley puts him back in the trunk and they drive away. When Mr. Foley is about to jump off a bridge, ALF disguises himself as Santa and convinces Mr. Foley to drive back to the cabin, where ALF is reunited with the Tanners.

 Filmkategori: Familjefilm
Språk: Engelska
Text: Svenska
Jag såg filmen på: HBOMax

Mina tankar om filmen:
Alf är en störtskön men helunderlig filur som jag minns att jag tittade på tillsammans med min far när jag var barn.