Ex-cop and now-hitman Nick Sax (Christopher Meloni) accidentally uncovers a secret about the Scaramucci crime family led by Mr. Blue (Ritchie Coster) and nearly pays for the discovery with his own life. Upon waking up at the hospital after getting shot, Nick finds that he can now see a blue unicorn who calls himself Happy (Patton Oswalt). Happy explains that he's the imaginary friend of Nick's estranged daughter Hailey (Bryce Lorenzo) and that Nick must rescue her from a Very Bad Santa (Joseph D. Reitman). With Happy's help, Nick hunts down Very Bad Santa and, at the same time, tries to get ahead of Mr. Blue and his men to save his own skin. "Happy!" also stars Lili Mirojnick as Det. Merry McCarthy, Medina Senghore as Amanda Hansen, and Patrick Fischler as Smoothie.

Mina tankar om serien:
Först tyckte jag mest serien var knasig och fånig när Nick såg den blå låtsaskompisen, men ju mer jag såg desto bättre blev den och nu vill jag gärna se mer. Hur gick det för Nick att anpassa sig till sin  nya roll som far?
Har sett till och med S01E08