Tusenbröder - Återkomsten (2006)

Hoffa floats ashore in Estonia after his stolen getaway boat has exploded. He tries to begin a new life in Estonia, but the longing for his family back home becomes too big and he decides to get back to Sweden. Now a tough struggle begins to get himself home to the family, a family that has moved on with their lives and also thinks that he's dead. A past as a bank robber and a fugitive is not making the journey easier. Along the way back to Sweden more problems arise that makes it even harder for him to meet his family again. Meantime back in Sweden his family is struggling with difficulties which they don't know how to solve. The time is running out and things don't look good at all.
Filmkategori: Kriminaldrama
Språk: Svenska
Text: Svenska

Mina tankar om filmen:
En kriminell mordmisstänkt fader gör det enda rätta då han får veta att hans son är döende och behöver en livsnödvändig transplantation. Väl värd att se.